Named a Pre-K for PA Champion, Tom has supported expanding investment in early childhood education. He has supported record funding levels for K-12 public education, career and technical education.


As a small business owner and Chair of the Senate’s Community, Economic, and Recreational Development Committee, Tom understands the importance of economic development and job creation.


Tom has consistently supported balanced budgets and opposed tax increases and big government spending.


Tom is the only Republican state legislator in the nation to prime sponsor (introduce) legislation providing for the transition to 100 percent renewable energy.

Fair Districts

Tom is the prime sponsor of Senate Bill 1023 to combat gerrymandering. The bill would create an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, removing legislative leaders from the process of drawing district boundaries. Citizens should pick their legislators, not vice versa. 

Addressing Animal Cruelty

Tom has authored legislation aimed at ending the cruelty of PA’s puppy mills by requiring pet stores to only sell animals from rescues and shelters.